8 things you can hire a hacker to do & how much it will cost

8 things you can hire a hacker to do and how much it will cost

Some portions of the internet are like dark alleys with dark characters hiding in the shadows. Are you concerned that your girlfriend is having an affair? On the darknet, there is a hacker who receives you into her email and Facebook accounts if you are willing to go beyond legal and ethical lines. Hackers are easy to discover these days, and you do not have to dig too far into the depths of the dark web to get them. On Fiverr, for the model, you can simply hire an ethical hacker for as low as $5. These professed “white hats” assist with the protection of your website from harmful assaults by finding and repairing security flaws. Other hacking websites openly sell questionable legal services, such as illegal access to Skype plus Gmail, as well as your academic grades. Dell’s Secure Works discovered in a 2016 analysis that the illegal market is “booming” because hackers are “increasing their hours, ensuring their work, and increasing their offers” to attract consumers. The Skills an Ethical Hacker Should Have

  • Computer Networking Skills.
  • Computer Skills
  • Linux Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • Basic Hardware Knowledge
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cryptography Skills
  • Database Skills

Can you catch a hacker?

It is exceedingly tough to catch hackers & bring them to jail due to the advanced strategies they use to hide their tracks. Only 5% of cybercriminals are captured for their crimes, demonstrating how difficult it is for law enforcement to apprehend and punish these criminals.

Can you hack a hacker back?

Whatever the motivation, doing so is certainly prohibited under the US and international law, and could lead to civil and/or criminal penalties.” The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act renders hacking back “likely criminal.”

 Which language do hackers use?

Python the de-facto language for hacking programming is often regarded as the best computer language for hacking, furthermore rightly so. Ethical hackers frequently utilize this dynamic programming language to create on-the-fly hacking applications.

8 things a hacker should do while hacking:

For the time being, we will ignore legal and ethical limitations in order to emphasize the fact that cybercriminals can employ hackers to do illegal things! All the more reason for the general public to stay vigilant and practice good cyber security hygiene. Nevertheless, ethical hacking services such as disclosing system vulnerabilities & conducting penetration examinations are still available from “white-hat” hackers.

What types of hacking jobs are available to employ a hacker for? What would it cost, and how much would its expense? Before the FBI can hunt us down, we will answer these two questions! If you really need a hacker or just want to learn more about the sector, here are eight hacks that are now on sale and how much they might get, according to the Secure Works study and other online adverts.

Keep in Mind Although the prices are indicated in US dollars, several hackers choose to be compensated in Bitcoin.

1-Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack: $5 – $25 hourly

According to Kaspersky Labs, the normal cost of a DDoS assault is $25 hourly. So according to Kaspersky, you can spend as little as $5 for a 5-minute attack or as much as $400 to overcome a server for an entire day, preventing legitimate users. According to the Secure Works study, the charge is $5 hourly or $30 daily.

2-Swipe some loyalty points:10$

It would cost you money to syphon support program credits from somebody’s account, based on the total number of points in your account. The average hacking charge for hotel awards points is 10 dollars for 50,000 points and 200 dollars for 1,000,000 points!

Hire a hacker to hack various flyer miles on Us airlines, beginning at 60 dollars for 200,000 miles, to round out your weekend staycation. If you do the arithmetic, your $450 is enough to fund a round-the-world journey!

3-Get into the cell phone: $500

Hacking Android smartphones is straightforward, and it does not necessitate the use of a hacker. Certain apps can assist you in hacking and monitoring the phone of another person. They have the ability to hack everything, including call tracking, message viewing, and even tracking your whereabouts. The ethical hacker, on the other hand, can easily view the phone remotely and assist you in restoring your information, which is on the list of things to hire a hacker to perform. However, they will cost between $500- $5,000.

4-Hack into Facebook with authority, for bonuses of up to $40,000.

Hacking Facebook is permitted, but only if you notify the platform of your findings. Facebook gives a Bug Bounty program that gives hackers to uncover defects and report them to the group so that they can be fixed.

For the top bug record in June, a recent Bug Bounty promotion awarded a ticket to the DEFCON conference. In June, the firm stated that it awards prizes ranging from $500 to $3,000. However, according to Fortune, Facebook offered Russian hacker Andrew Leonov $40,000 for discovering a flaw that enabled malware to protect digital images in 2017.

5-Netflix password

It is feasible to obtain passwords by delivering a link to users or by setting up an account on the service. It is critical to safeguard your Netflix account because it contains information about your payment details. As a result, you can employ a hacker to recover the data and guard your account.

6-Crypting services

If you employ a hacker, you can have them provide crypting services, which is a technique that is used to detect malware. Using this service, organizations may choose a solution that can help them secure their data while also making it difficult to detect.

7-Save your company from a cyber-attack!

Lastly, you should only hire a hacker if you want to do some ethical hacking. Collaboration with white hat hackers, as we previously stated, is an excellent technique to uncover system flaws and conduct penetration testing to strengthen your company’s cyber security. On a more serious note, avoid any of the malicious hacking professions we have listed, but keep in mind that cybercriminals can pay experienced hackers to carry out their schemes.

8-Hacking lessons

Hackers can also be used to not only safeguard network services or detect malware attacks in your organization’s structure but they can also be utilized to teach hacking skills. Because the topic of cyber security has such a broad scope, we may employ hackers to teach others about hacking.

10 Principles Before Hire a Hacker

You have had a thought. It must be a website or a mobile application. It is easy to imagine how people would use it. However, because you are unable to construct it yourself, you will require assistance. You are a non-technical individual. You must employ the services of a hacker.

The following are the top ten tips for hiring a hacker:

1-Open-Source Contributions

Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!

Some of the world’s most well-known corporations, like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, now view a hacker’s open-source offerings as a proxy for technical aptitude and programming passion. They frequently program all day at work and then contribute to open-source projects for free at night! This fuels open-source hackers’ enthusiasm for their work. Also, remember that someone who enjoys what they do is more dependable and trustworthy.


Solicit links to her GitHub profile from an open-source hacker. To those who are new to GitHub, imagine it as a library where hackers can keep all of their code. If a hacker refuses to participate to open source, inquire as to why.


Despite the fact that exceptional hackers are essentially self-managing, it is still crucial to know how they get things accomplished and meet deadlines. Inquire about her shipping experiences, both successes, and disappointments.

Ask About Experience

Inquire about the learning lessons as a result of those encounters. You would not comprehend all she says, but you will notice how well she interacts.

3-Make it interesting

Every hacker now has 4-5 options available to them. What makes your opportunity unique, and what can you offer? Understand that the most significant characteristic of a great hacker is their passion for programming. “Ordinary programmers write code to pay bills,” Paul Graham writes in “Great Hackers.”

Hacking is fun!

Great hackers all have something they do for fun, and they’re ecstatic when they find out that others will pay them for it.” Take some extra time to examine what you want to create furthermore what you can contribute. Make your concept as appealing as possible. Begin by posing a challenging task for a hacker to tackle.

Be transparent

Be open and honest about what you have to offer, and do not hold back any information. If you do not have the funds, you should begin learning as soon as possible. If you have the funds, invest in a high-quality hacker. A great hacker will do it right the first time and lay a solid foundation for your product that will make it more appealing to hackers in the future. If you have money on hand and have raised financing, be sure to offer shares to sweeten the deal. Cash reigns supreme.

4-Start from Small Steps

Do not impress a hacker with your great vision if you are just starting. Keep creating Version 1 in mind. Limit yourself to the three most significant traits out of a hundred. Let hackers understand what you are trying to create and what you want the product to do. Remove any information that the coder does not require. Hackers like it when you are succinct.


Never employ someone to do a job until you’ve done it yourself first,” the creators of 37Signals said bluntly. Hackers are constantly learning since things change so quickly in programming. They were born to learn. They learn new things if they do not know them before. You should, or at the very least make an effort to learn, as well.

Local Meetup Group for Hackers To get started, ask colleagues who work in programming for recommendations on books and articles to read. If you do not recognize any hackers, join a local hacker Meetup group. Become a learner and put everything you have learned into practice. Better still, enroll in a comprehensive software school or take an online software course. You will put in 3-6 months, but you will conserve money and time in the long run. Knowing how to programmer will aid you in determining whether hackers are trustworthy.

6-Jedi Masters?

“Mastery in something is a tremendously good predictor of mastering anything else,” says Randy Nelson of Pixar. Are they great thinkers in a programming-related field? Have they mastered a skill other than programming? What matters is that they have learned a skill and are capable of performing it. This reveals a lot about a human’s work ethic and attitude without having to question them directly.


One of the most important factors in whether a project succeeds or fails is communication. If they cannot communicate properly during the interview, they would not be able to communicate well once you hire them. If you are not upfront with them from the start, they will most likely abandon ship once they learn the truth. You will have a difficult time knowing what’s going on because you only know something about programming.

Explain Technical Things Look for a hacker who can describe technical concepts in a way that you, as a non-technical person, can comprehend. Establish expectations for what will be constructed, when it will be completed, and how much it will cost.

8-Proudest Projects

Inquire of a hacker for the URLs of three of her favorite projects. You would not comprehend how it was constructed, but you will be able to see what she created. It will enable you to see what you desire but are unable to describe. “I want something like this and some of that,” you will be able to remark after looking at her efforts. She will be able to see what needs to be built from a technical standpoint.

9-Test Drive

Because 95 percent of hackers are currently employed, recruiting passive candidates is more critical than ever. Do not get caught in an all-or-nothing mindset. Everyone needs a full hacker or a technical co-founder. Full-time hackers are paid six figures with a slew of perks. Concentrate on what you can achieve and strive toward the goals that are currently out of reach. Engage the services of a freelance hacker.

Hiring a Freelance Hacker It is the most efficient method of getting your project produced and in front of clients. Furthermore, hiring someone full-time is a major decision with many unknowns. Hiring someone on a task will allow you to evaluate how well they solve challenges and collaborate with others. You can save a lot of time and money by hiring a freelance hacker.

10-Ask for a referral

This one is easy to understand. Request three clients & three developer referrals from a hacker. Referrals from clients are crucial to learning how they communicate and what they are able to construct. Referrals from developers will offer you a better idea of how they collaborate with others.


If you engage a certified and professional hacker, they will assist you in safeguarding all of your information. Even though a hacker is expensive, it is still necessary to have one since they will stop the computer system or network from being exploited. They will be able to identify problems in a shorter amount of time and will also boost protection.

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