Where and how to find professional hackers’ services?


Due to the internet’s services, many things are now possible with a single click. But, through this, there are no more threats. And crimes associated with the internet, among the most dangerous of which, is hacking.

Why choose certified ethical hackers?


The key to locating top certified moral hackers is to first define your demands. Are you looking for general assistance in scanning your WordPress site’s open ports for security flaws?

Or do you need something more particular? Like a WI Fu-certified penetration tester to perform reactive security wireless assaults. On the Wi-Fi network of your office block? The cost of any project is mostly determined by the extent of the project. And the specialized abilities required bringing it to life.

Who is the best ethical hacker?


Kevin Mitnick is now one of the most well-known ethical hackers of all time. And it’s possible that his abilities and insight come from the fact that his hat hasn’t been always white.

Is it ethical to hire a hacker?


In general, hiring a hacker to breach into someone’s account, start installing. Or obtain sensitive data does not fit under the category of white hat or computer hacking. Furthermore, hiring a black hat hacker comes with no warranty or legal agreement.

Is it possible to hire skilled hackers?


Employ a Hacker on a Standard Website Websites like “Hack Wizards” allow you to “hire expert hackers” to accomplish certain jobs for you. The terms and conditions of this website say unequivocally. That their offerings are ethical. And also, that the website should be only for those objectives.

What can a professional hacker do?


An ethical hacker will try to go around system security and uncover. And expose any vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit. Vulnerabilities are most commonly encountered in insecure system configurations. And faults in hardware or software.

An ethical hacker, also known as a white-hat hacker, is a cybersecurity professional who breaks into a computer system. Network, software, or another computing tool on behalf of the corporation. And with their permission.

What does a professional hacker get paid?


According to Secure Works, the typical hacker price for gaining illegal access to accounts. On Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, or even other social media sites is $129.

To help you understand, we divided ethical hackers into two groups based on their pay.

And that is:

·        The top earners

·        The average earner

Salary per Year

Most top earners in the ethical industry can easily earn up to $173,000 in just one year. And if we talk about their weekly pay, it is $3,326.

Weekly Wage

Average earners in this ethical field can earn up to $119,289 in only one year. On the other hand, their weekly pay is $2,294. That is not bad.

What do hackers research?

While “hacking degrees” do not exist, many people who desire to be hackers pursue careers. As cybersecurity professionals or computer programmers. programmers with a bachelor’s degree in computer programming degree courses in information security. Programmers with a bachelor’s degree in computer information technology

Which laptops do hackers use?

Most professional hackers use the following eight types of laptops.

·        Laptop Acer Aspire 5 Slim

·        Alienware M15 Notebook

·        Razor Blade 15.

·        10SFK-062 MSI GL65 Leopard

·        Lenovo ThinkPad T480 Premium.

·        Vivo Book Pro by ASUS

·        G5 Gaming

·        The Acer Predator Helios 300

Hire the best hackers

Here is the list of the best ethical hackers. They have a 100% success rate. We made this list based on 1,662 client surveys. They are professionals in the ethical domain. And have happy and satisfied clients.

1-Serhii V.

He is from Ukraine. He is a cyber security expert.


He has over 10 years of experience in the data security field.


He is a specialist in the following fields.

·        Cyber investigations,

·        Penetration testing.

·        Forensic searches.

Systems that conduct in-depth searches, systems

·        Network administration, PHP, asp.net, and related technology development.

Knowledge of

He has a strong and deep knowledge of GNU/Linux & Windows operating systems administration. Information security management systems improvement. And penetration testing, forensic research, server configuration. In high-level security mode, project documentation, and planning.


He studied at the Institute of Kharkov Polytechnic University.

Hourly Pay

His hourly rate is $50.

Rate of Success

His success rate is amazing and that is 100%.

2-Mansoor A.

He is from Pakistan. He is a penetration tester, information security expert, & CEH, OSCP, and OSWE expert.


He has six years of expertise in penetration testing also cyber security.


He is an expert in given skills.

·        Penetration Testing of the Web

·        Network Penetrating Testing

·        API Safety

·        Mobile security flaws Assessment (Android)

·        Vulnerability Assessment

Knowledge of

He has a cyber security firm that offers cyber defense solutions. To businesses so they can expand without fear of attack. He is a part-time bug hunter at Hacker One.

He is currently amongst the best 1000 hackers on Hacker One. He has informed a number of well-known companies about weaknesses. Some of which are secret and do not allow public exposure.

·        NordVPN

·        Magento by Adobe

·        The Money birds

·        Thesaurus Urbanus

·        8 x 8


He received his Bachelor of Software Engineering in Computer Science. From the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.

Hourly Pay

He charges an hourly rate of $80.

Rate of Success

His job success rate is 100%.

3-Andrew S.

This guy is from Australia. He is an expert in security research.


This guy has more than ten years of experience in GNU/Linux Sysadmin and hacking.


On Active @ GitHub, Twitter, Hacker One, and Bug Crowd. He published security researcher: 100k Docker pulls. He has the following skills to serve you.

·        Shell,

·        Python

·        JS,

·        PHP is an abbreviation for PHP

·        The letter C,

·        x86-64,

·        the i386,

·        arm.

·        MIPS,

·        Extensa/ESP32.

1,000 teams use his projects in their projects.

Knowledge of

As a professional in telecommunications, he is very good at communicating with people. about technical solutions and B2B sales in data, voice, and fiber.

He is a Linux expert and can write amazing shell code, applications. And scripts, in many different languages. His favorite languages are shell (BASH/POSIX) and Python (2 & 3).

The hourly rate

His hourly rate is 105.

Success rate.

His success rate is 100%.


He graduated from the University of Melbourne.

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