Spy On Someone’s Computer Screen Secretly

Being a human, it is our natural tendency to be inquisitive. We all are at some point or the other, interested in knowing what the other person is doing, what they are wearing or what they are talking about. It may happen, that being a boss, you would like to keep an eye on what your employees are up to or how much time they actually spend working on their computers or being a caring mother, you would like to know what do your kids watch on their PC’s.

Though, spying is considered inappropriate most of the time because it invades the other person’s privacy and makes them uncomfortable. But, in few cases it can help you get knowledge of things that you had no idea about. For example – spying on your cheating husband’s laptop can help you know which women he is associated with. To spy on someone’s computer can be beneficial only, when done with a good intent keeping in mind the limits of cyberspace.

How to spy on someone’s computer?

If you ever feel the need to keep a check on your closed one’s computer/laptop, you can spy on their computers through either of 3 ways i.e.,

  • Installing a spying software/app to spy on someone’s computer as it is very convenient method & can be done easily, but the quality of the service mat be poor.
  • Keep a direct check on the person’s computer by monitoring what he does by checking their PC every day, only if you have access to their passwords.
  • Hiring a secret agent who will spy on your behalf & in turn will get paid for offering his services. This is the safest & reliable option to go for since your identity gets hidden & there is no chance of inferior results.

Why to spy on someone’s computer if necessary?

Spying is not a legal obligation, but a personal choice. It totally depends on from  person to person. Still, spying has its benefits, and they cannot be ignored because of their effectiveness:

  • It helps you gather information regarding things you had no idea about. Spying is most common in defense forces since most of the time, spies are hired in order to observe the enemy & collect information regarding them in order to avoid civil warfare.
  • It gives you a sense of security, as you are now well aware of what the other person is doing & what can be the possible consequences & hence you behave accordingly.
  • It can help you get data that you wouldn’t have got elsewise, due to the presence of strong passwords. You can easily access files & folders of someone, once you hire a spy to monitor them.

Is it right to spy on someone’s computer unethically?

The law of any country doesn’t support spying as an acceptable public activity since it robs of humans of their right to confidentiality. But, it can be undertaken under some special sectors like armed forces, corporates & schools. The purpose should be clear & never aim at creation of disruption in the existing network of computers. Spying done unethically & for the evil of the society, should be discouraged & avoided since it can cause violence & loss of information. Since, these spies can misuse the data available & use it as a medium to blackmail people & cyberbully them.

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