What You Should Know Before Hiring an Ethical Hacker?


In today’s world, we, as humans, are quite tech-savvy. Because of the widespread usage of the internet & latest technology. Safeguarding all of our digital data, such as online bank details, account credentials, even medicinal records, to name a sum, is a huge task.

How to Prevent Cyberattacks?

If cyber security is achieved. We can explain cyber security as the use of safeguarding networks, programs and computers systems in their ingredients. Illegal digital attacks illegal attacks are often related to as hacking.


Hacking is the act of gaining access to unauthorized by exploiting flaws in a computer network.


A hacker is someone who attempts to gain access to computer systems.

It’s a common misperception that hacking is usually a bad idea.

A hacker practice with different ideas. Let’s have a glance on 3 various types of hackers.

1- Black-hat hackers

Blackhat hackers are somebody who illegally mangle into a system for financial profit, on the opposite.

2- White hat hackers

White-hat hackers attack system weaknesses by hacking into it with authorization to protect the company. This type of hacking is allowed plus ethical.

3- Grey-hat hackers

The next type is the grey hat. As the name hints, the color grey is a mixture of both white also black.

A drawback of grey hat hackers

  • When hackers find vulnerabilities in a method and tell it to the system’s keeper, which is a great deed, but they work this job without asking the owner’s permission, sometimes grey-hat hackers also.
  • Demand for money in reaction for the point exposure.

When You Need an Ethical Hackers Work?

To know more about hacking which is a legal & legitimate ethical hacking technique. I have made a story. So that you better understand.

  • Dan As an Owner of Trading Company

Dan runs a for the trading company where he does online coaching, he does with his clients, & most immeasurable everything was working well, and Dan’s business was growing till a hacker caught over.

  • Hackers grabbed the Credentials

He determined to mangle the company’s servers. The hackers hijacked the credentials of several trading records, he demanded for a lump-sum bribe in exchange for the Liberated credentials Dan took the hackers.

  • He Didn’t Pay to Hackers

He took the terms carelessly and didn’t give the hacker. As a consequence, the hacker was able to withdraw funds from several consumers’ accounts.

  • Dan Lost His Credibility

Dan was required to repay the clients he had squandered. I lost a lot of money as well as his clients’ trust. Dan spent a lot of time thinking about what went wrong after this experience.

  • When Dan Need an Ethical Hacker

With the security necessary infrastructure, he can focus on other things. He wishes that someone from his business could have conducted a test. Attack to determine how susceptible systems it was before the hacker gained access to them.

That’s when he understood he required a worker who could think like a boss. Before an outsider can execute this task, the hacker must first identify them. He hired a trustworthy hacker, John. John was a talented hacker. He was a professional who worked meticulously and quickly identified various weaknesses in Dan’s company. Dan hired an ethical hacker to assist him fix all the flaws and safeguard his consumers from future attacks.

  • Hire John as a Hacker

As a result, the company’s efficiency and image were both enhanced. So now you understand that hacking isn’t always a choice Bad. In this situation, John disclosed the preexisting network’s flaws. This type of hacking is related to as ethical hacking.

What Skills Should Ethical Hackers Have?

Then there are some skills that you should check while hiring any hacker.

1- Operating Environment

He needs to acquire its first operating environment. First and primarily, he should be familiar with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, as well as Macintosh.

2- Programming Languages

He must have fairly good understanding of programming languages such as HTML, PHP SQL, Python, and JavaScript.

3- Networking

Networking is the basis of ethical hacking.

4- Security Laws

He should be well aware of security laws. To avoid abusing their abilities, ethical hackers should be well-versed in security legislation.

5- Global certification

He must have a global certificate of using ethical hacking.

Examples of ethical certification

  • Ethical hacker certification,
  • CompTIA Pin Test Plus,
  • license penetration tester certification

In How Many Hacking Phases, An Ethical Hackers Should Work

The process of ethical hacking is divided into six stages. Let’ have a look at all phases 1 by 1.


Before beginning an attack, an ethical hacker will behave. The 1’st stage John takes are to gather whole give the necessary data about the company’s system that he intends to. This stage is referred as reconnaissance.

2- Scanning Phase

For this, he used tools such as the map and hoping. Then, according to John, “trying to identify any flaws in the fixed target system using tools.” In the scanning process, this is mapped as well as displayed.

3- Gaining Access

Now that he’s found the, he’ll go on to the next phase. He then tries to take advantage of these flaws. Gaining access is the term for this action.

4- Maintaining Access

After gaining access to the firm’s networks, John attempts to keep his entry for future attacks by planting backdoors in the targeted system with the help of the Metasploit tool. This is known as the maintaining access phase.

5- Clearing Tracks

John is a master hacker. As a result, he makes every effort to leave no trace of his assault. The 5th phase entails the removal of tracks.

6- Reporting

The 6th phase that is reporting. In this stage, John provides a summary of his whole attack, including the exposure he discovered, the tools he worked, as well as the attack’s rate of success. Dan may now contact and discuss how to safeguard his company from any foreign cyberattacks. I hope you found this informative and helpful.

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